Swim-tech Triathlete wins Medal at European Championships.
julie flag  lisbon.jpg

Swim-tech’s 100% coached Triathlete Julie Williams proudly show’s her Bronze medal won at the 2008 European Triathlon Championships. Julie learnt to swim at 30 years old as she had had a bad experience when young that had put her off swimming and open water.

The first part for swim-tech was to eliminate these fears and then learn her the basics of swimming.

After deciding to take on a Triathlon the training became  more structured and so the swimming along with the bike and run improved to a competitive standard. Her first world championships was in Hawaii. The sea lived up to its surfers paradise but Julie swam the 1500m without problems.

At the 2008 European championships held in Portugal she had her medal place finishing in a strong third position. Not bad for someone that would not go in the sea.