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Our of swim training and coaching programme had been in the back of my mind for many years, but was finally ignited into action from my involvement and coaching with Paul Newsome the owner of and the many triathletes and swimmers who were asking for coaching to improve their stroke technique.
My aim is to help the age group triathlete and swimmer improve and achieve their racing targets with efficient technique and training system.

Graham's Qualifications & Triathlon Experience


  • British Triathlon  BTF Qualified Level 1 & 2 Coach  

  • British Swimming ASA Qualified Swimming Teacher (all 4 Modules)   

  • Assisted Paul Newsome & Adam Young of

  • Previous Head Swim Coach for Junior Swimming club team & Deal tri Ltd  

  • Nine times member of GB Age group team for World Triathlon Championships 

  • Seven times at Olympic standard distance twice at Long Distance. 

  • Four times at European GB age group team Olympic distance & Sprint 2006-8-9 & 2012 

  • Best result at World Triathlon Championship. 17th in age. 1st out of water in swim

  • Best Result at European Triathlon Championships 7th in Age group 2nd out of water in swim

  • Marathon 10km Distance Swimmer


What type of Swimming system do we teach?

Nothing I do is claimed at being an all dancing and singing new concept or more importantly the only way to swim freestyle. As to have one set way or a fits all generic formula for every swimmer does not allow for your own requirements and individuality
I use a mix of standard well proven ASA swim teaching methods alongside modern techniques such as SwimSmooth* techniques and coaching methods alongside my own  Triathlon swim experience. Add to these my own additions that have helped me swim faster from my past swim coaches all of which are aimed at Triathlon and open water specifics as the over riding factor.
What never stops is my own personal search for greater knowledge and coaching techniques from the Worlds best coaches, all of which are passed on to you, the swimmer.
The science and bio mechanics that make a technically efficient stroke in the water do and have changed over the years. Coaches’ scientists and medical staff have progressed in there understanding of what is actually happening during the stroke action to the human form and its surroundings. Today parts of the stroke that were accepted as the correct way in only 1994 have now been proved to be inaccurate. 
Good example's of this is how the hand entry has changed from the thumb first to a finger first and the removing of the fabled "S" pull from modern teaching. 
Of course also we have to accept that we are not just pure pool swimmers and triathlon s and open water swimming is often set in a harsh environments and specific actions have to be taught to also cope with these.
* Please note whilst Paul Newsome and Adam Young are good friends of mine I am not a accredited SwimSmooth coach.

So what’s it all about? 

Over the years I have watched many Triathletes and pure Swimmers plough almost endlessly up and down in the pool and open water with an inefficient swimming technique, doing what they term as “swim training” 
Unfortunately they find that soon they reach a plateau point and no matter how much effort they put into it, or how much distance, the times stop coming down. Frustration sets in and quite often the training then gets even harder still with none or very little improvement. 


Just why is this happening? 

There are many other factors apart from just inefficient stroke technique that hinder yours and every swimmer. Know what these are and how to reduce them, and the faster times will come with less energy used. 

This is where Swim-tech can help out.


From Paul Newsome founder of Swim Smoot
Graham first worked with Swim Smooth at the London Clinic in March 2006. Graham is an excellent coach who "tells it like it is" and we respect him for this honest and open approach to his swimming. Here are some more details about Graham: 

Paul Newsome 


Graham's own Philosophy on swim teaching and instruction.

"I believe that every person is unique in his or her aims and requirements and no one technique is generic for all. The stroke basics are the same and all governed by the same laws of physics but the teaching must be tailored to the individual. In the same way just because some techniques are old that does not mean they still do not have a role, but the instructor should always be looking for, and evaluating new ideas and techniques to offer the widest options for the swimmer. Open water specifics for the triathlon swim are a skill that needs to be included and taught and is often overlooked by conventional swim coaches. This is where a triathlon-experienced coaching system can, and does, have a major advantage for the open water swim section and today's Triathlete."