About bike-mech

Like many children growing up before the X Box generation Graham learnt the basics of bike building by making “trackers and racers” from the many old bikes dumped. This and a Father who messed about with anything mechanical gave the foundation of his engineering background.
Now Graham has worked 40 years in the repair of diesel fuel injection, electronics and computer controlled vehicle systems. This includes gaining the world wide recognised award as a Bosch Systems Technician awarded at the Bosch GB Headquarters. Even with this knowledge he is still working towards obtaining Cytec cycle exams. 


With over 20 years of age group triathlon competing at World and European championships  all over the world brought to his attention how many Triathletes do not have the same bike mechanical knowledge. This became apparent as the GB team mechanics struggled to service the Triathletes bikes only days before a championships. Helping the mechanics rebuild the bikes showed him how the athletes success and speed was being hampered by their bike condition.
It was not that they did not want them in perfect condition it was just wear over the many hours training. Now we can offer a race preparation service which may even make your race faster.


Grahams Motto"I treat every bike as if it was mine and I was using it in a World Championship. I take no chances"

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Graham has been trusted with  bike race preparation by Triathletes including many from the GB age group racing at World and European level and qualifying races including medal winners. 


One even stated not only did his bike perform like new but was clean and shining  :-)